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I am! What’s that? You think I’m lying? You think I’m a ghost? Come on, now. Would I do that to you? But I know. I know. It’s been a while. A really long while. But here I am! So what am I doing you ask? Pfffffffffffffffft. If I knew the answer to that I’d have […]

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Anyone can take a camera, point and shoot.  It takes a little more knowledge and a lot more practice to be good at taking those photos.  The tips below are great for beginning photographers or sports writers who aren’t used to taking their own photos.  What do you look for?  What are some things you […]

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Sports writing can be its own entity.  Die-hard sports fans are a whole different breed: we have our own language, a mile-long list of superstitions and traditions and we know how to pull a game apart. How do you transcend the gap between those who breathe sports and those who may only have heard of […]

Ok, we all know that Vitamin C’s “Graduation” is probably the most overplayed, overrated graduation song out there. But, look, I’m graduating in six days and I’m feeling sentimental.  Let me have my moment. That being said, this is it.  My final blog portfolio — and entry — of my undergraduate career.  I never thought this day would […]

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This last month has been papers, reading, creating and generally just trying to get by.  All I’ve been able to think about is graduation and how I’m going to get there.  It’s been almost surreal, really.  Now that I’m less than a week away, I guess I’m being thoughtful about it even more. Four years […]

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I will be completely and totally honest: I have no idea what to write for my research paper. What I do know is that my current project involves the pros and cons of social media: cyber bullying, business success, ect. What I don’t know is how to turn this into a 15-page paper. … Um…help? […]

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 Ok, Gaston.  Let me explain.  Ever since I’ve had a really good hold on my imagination, I’ve been a little adverse to picture books.  I don’t like having an image clearly set in my head by someone else’s imagination. (In your case, Gaston, I’m surprised you can even hold the book right-side-up.) I digress.  Of […]

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I have to admit.  The most interesting thing to me this time that Hayles wrote (and I’m using the phrase “interesting thing” loosely) was the story The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.  For some reason, the idea of hallucinogenic drugs being used as communication completely fascinated me. Now, don’t read anymore into that than you […]

Four months, four blog portfolios, one of each to go. Can I just start by saying how thrilled I am about both of those things? Ahhh… Now that I have that out of my system, I’d like to take a moment to discuss my depth, interaction, timeliness and coverage.  Once again, I do in fact […]

I’m not a technological mastermind.  I’m not even a computer person per say.  In fact, I generally push my computer at my boyfriend and beg him to fix it, because I’m more or less useless at tech support. I do like to think, however, that I’m halfway literate as far as terminology goes. Thank you, […]