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It’s that time already? – Blog Portfolio One

I’m not really sure how or why time goes so fast, but if anyone figures it out, I’d appreciate it if they could let me know.

Looking back and re-reading my blog entries gives me a chance to see what I’ve done and attempt to find a scope of where I’m going.  I’m able to be sure that my writing has a sense of intelligence within the sometimes murky musings of my mind as well as ensure that I’m being clear and at least somewhat deep.  I’m able to do this by breaking down my blogging – albeit limited so far – into various categories.

In a sense of more complex thinking,  I’d like to think that I at least attempt to allow my writing a sense of scope.  Thinking further than the basic blog prompt is something I attempt to do each time I blog.  Because of this, I’d have to say that my post regarding the “rules” of journalism has a bit of depth to it.  I looked at the rules presented by the Kershner text and applied my own anecdotes to bring the rules – and my views on them – to life.

I also delved into my own conscience regarding the September 11 attacks. While this post is about the teaching efforts of a Maryland school district, it also is something I reflect upon every time I hear the date.

I admit that I’m not always the best for commenting on my peers’ blogs.  In fact, some times I forget to read them.  However, I enjoyed that Sarah Last also enjoys the grammar snob tendencies that I enjoy. While I might bend the rules of grammar every so often, I do still enjoy a person’s ability to use the correct form of “there,” “their,” or “they’re.”

I also had to agree with Steph’s entry regarding 9/11. When I read the article regarding September 11 conspiracies, my mind immediately jumped to how stupid I had thought they all were.  In reading her entry, however, I do agree that the article in question really didn’t focus on the conspiracies.

While only one of my posts has been commented on, it has four comments including two links (one if you don’t count my own link.)  Shellie commented regarding how the post started a discussion and Sarah told me that the piece was well written and relatable.

Ah, the Seton Hill blog sites, how I hadn’t missed your shenanigans.  While my first two posts on this new blogging system might not have their real time stamp on them, they were in fact completed early…even if I had to email them to Dr. Jerz before class thanks to not having a blog.

My favorite post so far might just be my September 11 remembrance post.   As I stated in that post, I can recall just about anything from that day that you’d like.  I know that my dad was driving though Pittsburgh when the North Tower was hit by Flight 11.  I know that I was frantically writing out the spelling list my mother and I had practiced the night before.  I know that my baby sister, who was not even a year old, has no recollection of the day let along an understanding of it.  I have so many emotions towards that day that I’m shocked that I fit it in that post.  Another one might have to follow soon.

This also seems to be popping up frequently, but I also enjoyed my rules post. I enjoy telling stories.  Any time that I can integrate my storytelling with my school work, I will take the opportunity every single time.

To sum the first portfolio of the semester up, I suppose I’m pretty happy with my blog.  Yes, I have some things to catch up on – ahem!discussions!ahem! – but I’m confident that is an area I will grow drastically as the semester goes on.  Lord knows I love a good discussion.


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