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Kershner’s chapter sixteen really interested me.  The explanation of conducting a proper interview allowed me to see the little things I hadn’t really thought of.  The point of dressing like those you are interviewing was something that I thought was actually really cool.  I had always thought of impressing those above me, but I hadn’t thought about the casualness of those who would be in jeans.

That idea really solidified my idea to wear my Penguins jersey into Washington on Saturday.  Yes, it’s going to be interesting.  But, really.  I don’t own a Capitals shirt or jersey and the Penguins jersey will get a better reaction.  I know I won’t be able to print 90% of what I get (I’ve been told by a Capitals fan to expect to be told where to go and how), but I feel like that will make the story even better.

It also makes me realize that I won’t be underdressed.  I’ll be at the Caps Convention — or at least outside it — and everyone will be in jeans and hockey attire.

Actually, now I’m even more excited.

As for chapter 21, I liked having reviews broken down.  It was nice to see the mindset a review is done with.  I’ve read more than a few of those and I’ve noticed the themes, but I could never pinpoint exactly what it was.  This book made it easy to see how simple it is to write a review, but how much responsibility there is as well.


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