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Dear Mr. Kershner,

I want to thank you for chapter 32.  In a time where I’ve felt mostly like a screw up or a failure, you allowed me to see that I have actually been doing something right.  (Honestly, it’s about time.)

I love that you spell out the exact levels of editing and the accompanying steps.  I also love the confidence boost that you gave me when I realized that my stories have never been sent back to me and haven never been torn apart.  For that, good sir, I thank you.

Now if you could only spell out a way for me to find more sports writers…

(If something magically appears in my book, I’ll ask now that you marry me.)

Sincerely and slightly enamored,


(PS – I might have been joking about the marriage proposal.  I’m not sure yet.  I’m pretty sure that I was, though.  I apologize for any broken hearts that come from this impromptu letter.)


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