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I guess you don’t have to be having fun for time to fly – Blog Portfolio 2
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It’s been a month since the last blog portfolio and I can say that I’ve learned more in that month.  I’ve learned that media has even changed the rules in some sports.  I’ve learned just how much control over information media has. I’ve learned —

Well, I guess I should stay on track with what I’ve learned in this class, eh?  I have learned a good bit thus far.  I’ve learned more about interviews (which I think has made my interviews stronger.)  I realized that high school grammar lessons were a joke whether you paid attention or not.

I feel like I went into depth in my posting about the “15 easy steps” to writing a new story.  (Although…I’m still not sure how 15 steps constitute “easy.”)

Then, of course, there was my meme project.  I might have gone a little overboard making the silly little graphics, but I had more than a little fun with it.

I’ve learned–…Ok  So maybe I still forget to read my peers’ blogs.  I’m trying to get better at that.

I agreed with Sarah Last in her post about profiles.  I’m not sure why someone’s religious affiliation — or other similar details — would be relevant in most stories.  Because of that, I don’t think they should be included in a profile unless they are directly involved in the story.  Then again, that might just be me.

I’ve started to blog about things that aren’t just about class.  In fact, I made a category specifically for my non-class related posts.  While I only have two posts there thus far, they both delve into my personality and my inner monologue.

My post about heading to Washington D.C. included my fears and reservations about wearing my beloved Penguins jersey behind enemy lines.  However, it was mostly about being excited about seeing what would happen.  It turned out to be an amazing experience and I’m so glad I did it.

Then there was my comparison to Professor Hinkle where I realized just how much my brain has successfully turned to mush under pressure this semester.  However, it gave a little insight into my personality and my life.  If I’ve noticed one thing from being connected to the sports writers for the Trib as well as the “personal” twitter for the Pittsburgh Penguins writers, it’s that fans and readers enjoy seeing a personality.  I guess I’m giving it to them.

Ok.  I’ll be the first to admit that I skimped on discussion this time around.  In fact, I could go on a giant spiel about how busy I am.  I could say that I work three days a week, have class every day, am organizing a major fundrasier for The Mario Lemieux Foundation, and play hockey two nights a week for exercise and a chance to keep from going insane.

Instead of making excuses, I’ll just admit that I messed up and go from there.

I’ll get it next time.


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