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I was curious to see how my roommate would react to a newspaper instead of going to Yahoo.  (Ok…it wasn’t just curiosity.  We had to do it.)

She didn’t really look at it.  She kind of looked at the front page, flipped to the entertainment stuff, sighed, and threw the paper down.  Granted, it’s not a paper version of IMDB, but still.

I’ll admit that the first thing I do is look at the sports section.  After all, I want to see my name in there eventually.  However, I do flip through everything.  I don’t necessarily read everything — I’ll be the first to admit that.  However, I think one reason I love the sports section is because you’re least likely to find bad news there.

Think about it.  You open the paper and the first thing you see is “Egypt’s army blamed in killings.”  Then there’s “Governments move to ease bank crisis.”  You could also read the inspiring “Razing of Poplawski house ends painful chapter.”  In flipping to the sports section, I see “Familiar territory” about losing players, but then there’s “Fleury will be Pens’ greatest goalie” and “Rangers walk off with win.”  There’s obviously going to be negativity there, too, but it’s not as common.

Yes, it might not be hard news.  I know that.  I admit that.  But it’s still something I love and it’s always what I flip to first.

If that makes me wrong, maybe I don’t want to be right.


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