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You mean I have to have a plan??? This is going to be good.
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For some reason, despite working on the paper for a year and a half, I didn’t actually think about the level of work that went into the planning.  I knew, obviously, but I didn’t know.  The thing is, I don’t have an actual staff.  Therefore, I do everything planning-wise (not design wise, bless Jessie) myself.  I plan out the section, I plan out the articles…As such, I don’t think of all the “extra” steps.  I plan an article, I send it in.

Granted…well, maybe I do actually do a lot of these.  I think about the articles I want.  I make a list.  I plan the components.  I (would) delegate articles (if I had a staff.)  I collect material.  I copy edit.

Well at least I fee like I’m doing something right.

What I do want to get more practice with is layout.  I know Jessie would be thrilled with the help.

Thanks for the confidence booster, Kershner.  I needed it.


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