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One master, one apprentice
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I’m actually quite relieved that Kershner’s chapter 28 is all about layout, because otherwise I would be totally and completely lost.  A mess.  A total, complete mess.

I haven’t touched design before.  I think I’ve sketched two dummies, but other than that…well…

For an editor, I fail in the layout department.

This chapter lays things out beautifully.  (I would say ‘no pun intended,’ but that ones works too well.)  I will probably be using the step-by-step instructions more than once in my lifetime.

One thing that caught my eye — not for it’s “instructional” benefit, but for it’s comic relief in speaking directly to me — was the note about computers.  “Remember that the computer is you tool, not your master.”  If only I could abide by that, Mr. Kershner, if only I could.

There can only be one master and one apprentice.  Which do you think I am when it comes to computers?

Just call me Darth Maul.


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