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Kershner’s simplified explanation of media law was incredibly helpful.  I know that for myself, law jargon is usually something that leaves me confused and frustrated.  Kershner found a way to make the most important parts of media law easy to understand as well as memorable.

His main points about what counts under freedom of the press as well as libel and when the reporter will win in court all contribute to the ease of understanding.  Instead of page after page of legal terms and over-explanation, everything is contained in four pages.

I’m glad that I know exactly what is covered by the First Amendment.  I already knew that the FCC controlled broadcasts, but I didn’t realize that they had stricter rules than the print media and the Internet.  I was, however, relieved to know that the Internet was covered.  I don’t run around saying stupid things on the Internet, but it is nice knowing that it’s covered.

Everything on libel made me realize that it really is easiest just to print the truth.  We’ve all been — well, I know I have been — taught to tell the truth.  I have a pretty vivid memory of my dear old dad tricking me into telling the truth when I was about five.  It seems like avoiding libel cases and avoiding being grounded are basically the same: just tell the truth.


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