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I love quotes.  I love sticking Post-It notes on my wall with various messages that I feel like I need to remember. Near the end of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” Albus Dumbledore delivers my favorite line that was never uttered in the books. While dear old Dumbles’ quote might have been […]

Ok, so I didn’t beat the Soviet Union 4-3 to head onto the gold medal game of the 1980 Olympics.  I am not Jack O’Callahan coming back from a knee injury to deliver a check in my first few seconds on the ice to turn the puck over for the Americans, catch the Soviets off […]

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Anyone who knows me (or all -3 of you who read my blog without being obligated) have come to realize that I have an incredibly snarky, sometimes dry, sense of humour.  (Leave me alone, I was messaging my friend in Ontario earlier.)  Because of this, my stream of consciousness as I read or watch various […]

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I enjoy columns.  I like seeing what others think and their reasonings behind their beliefs.  Saying, “Cheese is the best dairy product” is a nice statement, but what’s the reasoning behind it?  I like going beyond and that’s probably why I enjoy columns.* That’s one reason I loved that Kershner discussed writing columns and editorials. […]

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The 15 easy steps (I still don’t understand how 15 steps qualifies as “easy”) to writing a news story are solidified in my mind.  The more I write and the more I work with them, they become like second nature.  I don’t have to think of them as steps anymore, it’s just a part of […]

I’ll be the first to admit that I was caught off guard by how quickly it seems this blog portfolio came up.  I didn’t realize how little time is left in the semester.  I will also never understand how time manages to speed up the longer the semester drags on.  [note: if this could apply […]

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Alright, so that apparent Martin Brodeur quote had nothing to do with journalistic ethics.  It did, however catch your attention, eh? As I sat in sports communications one afternoon, the professor was warning against ever going off-the-record.  As an example to the rest of the class, I was asked by the professor if I would […]