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[Insert witty comment about time here]: Blog Portfolio 3
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I’ll be the first to admit that I was caught off guard by how quickly it seems this blog portfolio came up.  I didn’t realize how little time is left in the semester.  I will also never understand how time manages to speed up the longer the semester drags on.  [note: if this could apply to making it January, I would be thrilled.]

Yes, I get frustrated with how much work it seems we have.  I’ll admit it and I’ll admit it with the full knowledge that the one who’s grading this is reading it.  However, I’m learning.  I’ll admit it grudgingly, but I am learning.  I love the Kershner book and I love the way he lays everything out.  And you know what?  I guess blogging about it makes me think about it and then I…well…then I realize that I really am learning it.

Yes, that was a “you’re right.”

Anyway.  Here’s what I’ve done since we last met:

I feel as though my reflections on local news and media ethics both fully conveyed my feelings on the subjects while discussing what Kershener said.

I absolutely love Sarah’s use of graphics.  It’s something that I’ve thought about doing, but for some reason I never think about it when it comes time to use them.

Something else I loved on her blog was her post about jargon.  Sarah’s wit makes me smile and I think it’s effective in making her blog more interesting to read.


Of course I compared myself to Darth Maul. I can't be Anakin -- I'm never going to beat the computer and become a Master. At least I accept it.

Ok, ok.  I haven’t really posted anything personal lately.  However, I feel like I covered the material well with a small dose of humor and snark.  I discussed how Kershner’s comment about computers made me feel like a Sith.  I also commented on the lack of enthusiasm some people have when reading a newspaper.

Jess and I had a small conversation on my post about headlines.  She’s heard me complain viciously about the newspaper in the town my parents live in and that was her perfect opportunity to poke the beast.

(No, really.  That newspaper makes me cringe every single time I read it.  I actually try to avoid it now when I go visit.  I just get bitter.)

So that’s what I’ve been doing this time around.  I’m looking forward to wrapping everything up, heading into break and then sleeping for six weeks straight.

What do you mean that’s not a good idea???

My bed has had it up to HERE with me leaving it.  I don’t know if it will take me back next time, ok?  I’m only trying to save my relationship.

Until next time.


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