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When I was a kid (and, admittedly, I’m severely stretching how young I was to preserve my dignity), PBS ran a show called “Cyberchase” before the reruns of “Wishbone.”  (That perky little literature-loving Jack Russell was really why I was watching PBS so late into high school.)  Despite my reasons, I vividly remember the villain, […]

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Or, at least, I’m pretty sure how that works.  I’m pretty much the only person left in America who hasn’t seen “Inception.”  (I think.) I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure I agree with Fitzpatrick’s initial view of blogging in her piece about classroom blogging.  “Thus students need to be focused in their original […]

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I had never really thought about an interactive fiction associated with an eBook.  I understand that it’s a piece of…literature, for lack of a better word, and it’s on screen, but I never thought of it as an eBook.  Despite working with interactive fiction for New Media Projects, it was never something I associated with […]

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More and more, I’m realizing that my complete love of books really might be obsolete.  The fact that it seems as though eBooks are taking over the world breaks my heart. Engadget posted an article concerning this. US sales of e-books generated about $90.3 million in revenue in February — roughly triple the sales reported […]

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This is a presentation on the importance of reading in school. And where I found the information: Improving Literacy Instruction in Middle and High Schools Florida State University What Should Students Read? Steven Wolk, Phi Delta Kappan Voices From the Field Christine Cziko

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Yes, that was a real conversation with my mother. Yes, I was 10 years old. Yes, she had just surprised me with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’m not sure if she bought me the book to shut me up every time we took a trip to Giant Eagle or if she bought […]

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Get it?  It’s a proposal.  A PROPOSAL! …You didn’t get it? Fine.  Don’t mind me.  I’ve only slept five hours in the last two nights. Here we go. Thesis:  Humans learn by doing.  We learn basic behaviors based from imitation and practice.  That being said, mandated reading times in the classroom encourage not only imagination […]

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Alright, alright.  Oprah wasn’t giving out cars this time.  She was, however, giving out a lifetime of reading to millions.  Her book club introduced — and re-introduced — the culture of reading to the nation and the women who follow her. “‘I want to get the whole country reading again.’  These nine little words represent […]