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What’s the story, Wishbone? – Blog Portfolio 2

Blogging, blogging everywhere, and not enough time to–

I’m not really sure why I felt that opening was relevant, but it worked in my head.

Perhaps that’s one thing I like about blog portfolios.  I like going back and seeing what made sense in my head and what worked.  Admittedly, sometimes things don’t make sense.  However, I like to think that my sense of humor adds a level of interest outside of the core depth, interaction, timeliness and coverage.

Key words: I like to think.

Either way, may I present my blog portfolio.


I like to think that my blogs for Media in Culture have been fairly deep and thought out.  In talking about hacking, I made a connection between childhood shows that I (somewhat hesitantly) admit that I enjoyed well into high school.  (I will absolutely not admit anything further.  You can’t make me.)  I also reflect on my own blogging experience and compare it with that of other students.


I’m a social creature.  I’ll openly admit it.  I can be shy on occasion, but for the most part, I have no problem expressing my opinions.  I’ve commented on several of my classmates blogs and we’ve also had conversations on my blog about Harry Potter and Katy talked about Wishbone with me.


Naturally, this is the blog that comes in late.  I’ll kick myself later.  Anyway, I’ve done a good job (other than this example) in having my work in on time, if not sometimes early.


I think coverage and depth can overlap.  Had I had more time, I would have included more “random” blogs about things I was thinking about or curious about.  However, my favorite blogs continue to be where I talk about PBS shows, Blogception, and the magic of a paper book and a cup of tea. I also discussed computers and paper, but it was more of a “it’s done” type entry than anything special.  It was, however, finished on time. That’s still coverage, yes?

And now, I find some tea.


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