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A call to arms: positive social media
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I’m sick and tired of people being awful to each other.  There’s absolutely no reason for it.  Instead, I want to make a difference with social media.  I want to prove to people that positive change can come from the use of anonymous — not just hate and harassment.

Therefore, I present: AnonyLOVE.  My idea is simple, but widespread.  I want to create a PSA about the dangers of anonymous harassment and hateful tweets.  I then want to post that on both an AnonyLOVE Tumblr (where anon hate is rampant) and an AnonyLOVE Twitter account.  Finally, I will have a call for positive anonymous messages and messages of positive thinking.

I hope to spread self-love and love for others instead of the hatred that one usually sees on the internet anymore.  Each one of these components is removable.  Tumblr would be the most basic step.  The PSA would be a more substantial phase.  Adding Twitter to the mix would be my “pie-in-the-sky” because I might need actual help in running and moderating everything.

More than anything, I want to see cyberbullying end.  It’s pointless and it’s not ok.


Now that the Tumblr is online (I chose tumblr because it is widely used and abused), I did need to change the name due to the URL already being taken.  Therefore, we now have Anony-Joy.  The idea is still the same and I’m excited to see a response.  I’m hoping this blog doesn’t go unnoticed and I’m hoping that my ideas see a recognition by those outside the class.

I’m going to track statistics and incorporate infographics as well.  I also hope to have submissions from other users expressing support from others.  Simply put, I want to see positive thinking put out in the open.


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