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It gives a whole new meaning to “couch surfing”
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I love going new places and exploring new cultures.  However, I can see why ideas like would be a pretty awful idea.

Yes, there were success stories of tourists having amazing trips.  They sound fantastic.  I want great adventures, too.

…And then there are stories of women being raped and strangled with no one to look for them because they went alone.  Really, it was a terrible idea.  But, at the same time, I hate the victim blaming position.

Regardless, I like that the internet has a way for tourists to connect and to find ways to completely immerse themselves in culture.  I like that the internet can be a breeding ground for cross-continent friendships in a way that isn’t Twitter or Facebook.  I like that positives can come out of the internet.

…But then I think about the bullying and the potential murders.

The internet, like anything else, comes with common sense required.  It’s frightening how many people seem to lack that.


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