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As I’m starting research for my term projects, I’m making lists.  I’m extremely talented at forgetting websites that I’ve visited, so I’m keeping track of ones that are actually helpful.

That being said, I present my list thus far.

While it breaks my heart, this website has so much information.  Statistics, facts, and helplines are all included and I have every intention of pulling those things into my blog posts for my term project.  There is an entire section devoted to cyber bullying.

This has worked pretty well for me thus far.  Besides looking at social media as a whole, it actually includes success stories!  They also include a piece about how social media changes relationships.  I’m really excited about being able to delve through this some more and see just what I can find.

Chuck Wending, a novelist and screenwriter among other media, has a blog that includes an entry specifically about authors and social media.  I really like what he has to say and his depth is helpful.

Believe it or not, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about how social media is making teenagers more aware of others.  I’m trying to hunt down the original statistics, but I’m hoping this means things are getting better.

That being said, ScienceDaily’s piece about social media points out plenty of negative side effects of a strong online presence.  Once again, I shake my head at the internet and want to return to the 1990s.

This is really the entire reason I chose this project.  They talk about the impacts of cyber bullying as well as ways to take action and prevent cyber bullying.

Kid’s Health is also talking to parents about cyber bullying and what to do about it.  I really like the informations presented here.

An article written by Arielle Ford discusses the positives of authors teaming up with social media for good.  Ford is a publicist and author, so I’m happy to look at her advice.

9.  Poets &
Yes!  I was hoping they would discuss social media and they didn’t let me down.  I like having my bases covered as far as the opinions I look at. (via
Finally, Stephanie Pappas, a writer for, wrote an article about the negative effects of Facebook and social networking on self-esteem.  I think it’s a really interesting read.

I’m hoping these live up to how I saw them initially.  They’re all definitely worth the time I spent looking for them.


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