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Oh, bother.
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I’m not a technological mastermind.  I’m not even a computer person per say.  In fact, I generally push my computer at my boyfriend and beg him to fix it, because I’m more or less useless at tech support.

I do like to think, however, that I’m halfway literate as far as terminology goes.

Thank you, Hayles, for bursting my bubble and making me feel like an underdeveloped piece of pond scum.

I just wish there was more to go off of.  I wish I didn’t need a degree from MIT to understand what she’s saying.  I guess overall, I just need to…experience?  Seeing the game of life actually made things make a little more sense.

Will that work for everything? No.  We all know that.  However, having some sort of reference that we can understand without a doctorate in this subject would make things so much easier.

I mostly just feel like a bear of very little brain.


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