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Oh how the time flies – Blog Portfolio 3

Four months, four blog portfolios, one of each to go.

Can I just start by saying how thrilled I am about both of those things?


Now that I have that out of my system, I’d like to take a moment to discuss my depth, interaction, timeliness and coverage.  Once again, I do in fact think that my humor adds to my posts.  I don’t like to be overly heady — I want my writing to be accessible and readable to everyone.  (I’m looking at you, Hayles.)

I did a few noteworthy things this time around.  I proposed my term project.  I looked at the idea of human computers and history repeating itself.  I also compared Borges to my favorite Goosebumps books.  I’ve tried to make my blogs more thought out this time around.

Jessie commented on my post about Grobanites and Clay Shirkey.  I had a couple conversations with others, as well.  I told Beth Anne what I thought of her info graphic.  However, I feel like eventually, we all somewhat forget about comments.  (Well…ok, I hope I’m not the only one.  I do try, though.)

I did in fact get my blogs in on time.  I REMEMBERED!  Yes, they sometimes killed me to get the reading done, but I forced myself to soldier on and get everything done.  That May 12th milestone helps a bit, too.

I did some other blogs as well.  I wrote about society and coding.  I talked about looking for the mouse and the Invisible College.  Most importantly, I wrote about what I was thinking and made my blog into a sort of online Pensieve.

Look ma! I do go to Hogwarts!


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