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Society and Language and media – oh my!
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Here it is again: my argument that young kids with too much technology could potentially dampen their social skills.

While talking about new media, Hayles writes, “On the other hand, media clearly determine and help constitute humans’ embodied responses, which include not only the historically specific conditioned reactions of a given epoch but also the evolutionary evolved cognitive and perceptual capabilities that Hansen evokes” (35-36).

Basically, if media is messing with our evolution, I’m frightened for the future.  Does this mean that, by nature, humans are going to become less compassionate and more hostile towards one another because they are essentially trained social skills through a machine?  I feel  like this is a legitimate concern.  I know it frightens me.  How does this impact my term project about cyberbullying and the pros and cons of social media?  More importantly, how does this effect society?

As far as society goes, we all have language.  We have the ability to speak and communicate with one another (even if we’re abusing the power.)  At least when computers use their language, they’re not telling each other to jump off a bridge or that all the other computers would be better off if this one computer just blew its hard drive. They are, however, still communicating.  When humans learn this language (although I still don’t believe that it should count as a language requirement), they are able to join the computers’ conversation as well.  “…it allows programmers to conceptualize the solution in the same terms used to describe the problem” (Hayles 57).

Interesting.  Very interesting.


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