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Ok, we all know that Vitamin C’s “Graduation” is probably the most overplayed, overrated graduation song out there. But, look, I’m graduating in six days and I’m feeling sentimental.  Let me have my moment.

That being said, this is it.  My final blog portfolio — and entry — of my undergraduate career.  I never thought this day would come.  I had this feeling that the last day of classes would turn into a sort of “Groundhog Day” type scenario for me…which would have caused quite a bit of damage and criminal mischief.

But, here it goes: blog portfolio 4.

Digital artifact:
So, before we get into what’s on this blog, let’s talk about my term project.  I created a Tumblr just for this project and filled it with both a call to arms to end bullying, music, opinions, and positive images.  I had conversations with people about their experiences.  But, most of all, I had a live conversation with a friend about bullying that I turned into a podcast.

Bullying is a subject that really hits home for me.  With my paper and my blog, I wanted to get across the point that bullying crosses demographics, stereotypes, and technology.  Playground taunts aren’t the worst of it anymore.  I’m extremely happy with how much digital artifact came out and I hope others enjoy it.

Before you blast me for having a fictional conversation with a Disney character, let me point out that my post involving Patchwork Girl, remixes, and Gaston was actually very in depth.  I also felt as though I drew connections with my post regarding The Three Stigmata of Palmer Edritch.

I won’t even try to yank you around with this.  I wasn’t the best with interaction this time.  I had comments on my Gaston post  as well as my abysmal desperate post about confusion, but I forgot to comment back to continue the conversation.  I am grateful for the comments, though.

I got my posts in on time. I think this blog portfolio is even early!

I not only had my in-depth posts as mentioned above, I also had a lengthy and reflective post about graduation and growing up.  I still can’t believe it’s all coming to an end.

So that’s it.  That’s my final blog portfolio.  Thank you again to everyone who’s helped me through the last four years, good times and bad.  I’m so grateful and I hope for good things for every single one of you.

Remember to always “Hazard Yet Forward.”


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