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The inner monologue of Kiley Fischer

Ok, we all know that Vitamin C’s “Graduation” is probably the most overplayed, overrated graduation song out there. But, look, I’m graduating in six days and I’m feeling sentimental.  Let me have my moment. That being said, this is it.  My final blog portfolio — and entry — of my undergraduate career.  I never thought this day would […]

Four months, four blog portfolios, one of each to go. Can I just start by saying how thrilled I am about both of those things? Ahhh… Now that I have that out of my system, I’d like to take a moment to discuss my depth, interaction, timeliness and coverage.  Once again, I do in fact […]

Blogging, blogging everywhere, and not enough time to– I’m not really sure why I felt that opening was relevant, but it worked in my head. Perhaps that’s one thing I like about blog portfolios.  I like going back and seeing what made sense in my head and what worked.  Admittedly, sometimes things don’t make sense. […]

Ok, so I didn’t beat the Soviet Union 4-3 to head onto the gold medal game of the 1980 Olympics.  I am not Jack O’Callahan coming back from a knee injury to deliver a check in my first few seconds on the ice to turn the puck over for the Americans, catch the Soviets off […]

I’ll be the first to admit that I was caught off guard by how quickly it seems this blog portfolio came up.  I didn’t realize how little time is left in the semester.  I will also never understand how time manages to speed up the longer the semester drags on.  [note: if this could apply […]

It’s been a month since the last blog portfolio and I can say that I’ve learned more in that month.  I’ve learned that media has even changed the rules in some sports.  I’ve learned just how much control over information media has. I’ve learned — Well, I guess I should stay on track with what […]

I’m not really sure how or why time goes so fast, but if anyone figures it out, I’d appreciate it if they could let me know. Looking back and re-reading my blog entries gives me a chance to see what I’ve done and attempt to find a scope of where I’m going.  I’m able to […]