And Here We Go!

I first want to start out by saying that I have very little experience with what I am about to do. But here goes nothing! I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little this semester and do something enjoyable. My hopes for this project is to become more knowledgable in the subject of gaming, game creation, coding, and the pleasures of everything that comes with this process. Later on, when this game becomes more than a confused look on my face and some random buttons and words on my screen, I can look forward to testing it and letting others (hopefully) enjoy my creation.

For my first lessons on game creation, I was introduced to two videos. One was the Point-and-Click Storybook Tutorial which showed me some basics with visuals. It was a cute video that showed how simple some of the actions could be, and that the younger generation could create a game too. The other video, Hypertext Story, was helpful as well. Since I learn best when I see something or something is shown to me first, it was helpful to see the basics being done step by step, with an explanation behind the video.

As for my own creation… Oh boy. It looked really simple when watching the videos and then after creating my own account on Scratch, I honestly have to say that I need to re-watch the tutorials. Either that or I need a nice, long day to just sit in a comfy chair and do things, mess up, fail, and do it over and over again. In the next few days I plan on posting a link to some sort of… creation… that I can come up with. One that is interactive as well as entertaining.

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