Media Awareness Exercise

This video is a hilarious, honest assessment of typical news broadcasts. It is so entertaining to see that normal behavior of newscasters satirized. I noticed these behaviors when watching WTAE for the news exercise.

The Adbusters Media Foundation ad is a bit creepy, but I understand its purpose. I noticed the annoying repetition of ads when completing the WTAE news exercise. In a thirty minute broadcast, the same ads appeared at least twice. It is frightening to think that when I watch television, the work of professional marketers is tested on me, whether I would like to see their ads or not. Advertising and marketing influence society more than we realize. This is one of the reasons that I stopped watching television.

This poem is a powerful image of how media can numb anyone who experiences it. After a routine day in a routine life, people often plug in to media, mindlessly absorb advertising, and turning off the active conscience. The final couplet is my favorite; I feel it is the most effective line.

That I may live in thee, secure and whole,
Stay on, TV, and teleprompt my soul.

Dr. Jerz created an audio clip in the same style of the first video, but his focus is on the typical newscaster’s voice style. I laugh to myself when I think of using this style of speech in everyday conversation. The fluctuations in tone indicate progress to the audience, but I wonder how a more natural, conversational tone would affect the reception of the broadcast.

First, I tip my figurative hat to this prompt. Very clever! I appreciate that this post encouraged media awareness. Journalism is great, but I appreciate the opportunity to realize and remember that the endless flood of information is not always beneficial to us. I do not want to be a product.

I am interested to look in to Welcome to Night Vale, which Ricki Palmisano mentioned during the discussion on media awareness.

Source: Media Awareness Exercise

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2 Responses to Media Awareness Exercise

  1. ndavis says:

    It is strange how we are like rats when it comes to advertising. I checked out Welcome to Night Vale and if you’ve ever listed to Prairie Home Companion its like that, but sci-fi and a little horror oriented.

  2. madeleinerobbins says:

    I haven’t heard of Prairie Home Companion, but I’ll look into it. It’s frightening that we surrender our minds so easily to advertising! What kind of ideas does advertising normalize? I think we can say that media is the most influential element in developing culture.

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