Typos and Fact Checking

Out of the Sorry, Wrong Number article by Craig Silverman I thought the examples and the ways that journalists mess up and how often they mess up was very interesting. These examples he gives are show that just one accidental press of a button can cause confusion and problems. Especially with math, typos like this like getting on wrong number of a date are unacceptable and will mess up the article. I did not realize before how common these mistakes are but it makes sense that both mathematical and typos occur and mess up data. I never before considered that the math in articles could be wrong but I am most definitely going to evaluate the math more and do the math myself before I discuss the topic with others or use those figures.

We have talked in class before about how important it is to fact check everything. Sometimes journalists rely too much on other people and I know I made that mistake in our breaking news exercise. Fact checking also applies to math too. Four of the five reasons that journalists get figures wrong is because they do not fact check. This can be easily avoided by doing what journalists should do every single time they get information.

Source: Sorry, Wrong Number

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