The final showdown: portfolio 4

The year is coming to an end and I feel like I really learned so much this year about journalism and news writing. For this period of time in between portfolios, we really did not have many blog posts but I think that the ones we did have, really exemplified the categories of depth, riskiness, intertextuality, discussion, timelines, and coverage. There were only five posts but they emphasize these categories because I feel like I really know how to write good blog posts now.


Drawing the reader in is an example of depth because I thoroughly discuss Pearls Before Breakfast and I mention how great of an author Weingarten. I discussed the effect that his writing had on me and why I think it is well written.

Math’s powers is an example of depth because I describe mean, median, and mode and percentages. I also describe how this math is important for everyday life and that we need to make sure that out math in articles never misleads.

Another example of depth is watch the figures because I thoroughly discuss the slideshow and why math is important. I also discuss how math can be used to misguide people and how we should watch out for that. It emphasizes how careful journalists need to be.

My last example of depth is typos and fact checking. I discuss my thoughts about Silverman’s article and why math is so important for journalists. I discuss how important it is to fact check and the main reasons why journalists make mistakes.

All of these articles represent depth because I focus on one topic and expand on that.


Watch the figures is risky because it talks about how math can manipulate people. In our society where fake news is a problem, this is a big and controversial issue and people may disagree with my opinion. I also talk about how people like advertisers, purposefully use numbers to manipulate people.

Math’s powers is also an example of riskiness because I again discusses how math can mislead people and I further it by saying that journalists really need to be careful of this.

Trying to corrupt the news is an example of riskiness because I discuss the sexual allegations that have come out and fake news. These are both controversial topics right now and people would probably disagree with some of the stuff I say.


Watch the figures is an example of discussion because Christian Strong commented on my blog and I commented back trying to start a discussion and to continue it.

I also commented on Patrick’s post Pearls Before Breakfast and it started a small discussion between us because he responded back to it. I also responded to Christian Strong’s math for journalists and pearls before breakfast. I tried starting a discussion on his pages too by adding a longer reply. Lastly I commented on Haley’s you can be creative to try and start a discussion with her.

During this time I have also been very active in all of our discussion posts on Canvas. We have not had many blogs but these discussion posts kept us talking to each other and bouncing ideas off of each other. I also try to do those soon so that people will comment on mine and I will have enough time to comment on others. Good examples of this is math in journalism, the work of a journalist, and the review activity.


Math’s Powers, watch the figures, and typos and fact checking have intertextuality because they mention something we talked about in class or something that my teacher, Dr. Jerz, said.

Trying to corrupt the news is an example of intertextuality because I mention current events today and I also mention the Rolling Stone article, Sexual Assault at College.


I have done every single blog post on time for this section. For the whole year I never turned in a blog post late.


I have completed every post on time and all of my blog posts represented at least two of these categories. I really exemplified depth this time and feel like every single post represented that category well.


I think that throughout this year I have really improved on my blog posts. I started out not knowing how to blog or I really did not know what I should put in a blog. Now I know what categories I should be thinking about as I write each post and adding these categories to my posts have become second nature to me.

Throughout this class, I really think that I have applied principles of journalistic ethics because I have talked about many things in the news and about different subjects that we talked about in class or in our books. An example of this is trying to corrupt the news and it also represents the learning objective analyzing current events too. I also think that I really reflected a lot on how journalism educates myself and the public throughout the year. I have learned so much about the news and I see it in a much different way and I am more interested in it now. I also really emphasized meeting deadlines and producing quality work because I never had a late blog post and I believe that I represented these categories very well throughout the year.

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