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Welcome to Pedablogue.

As my “personal inquiry into the scholarship of teaching,” this weblog is the place I turn to in order to share my experiences and experiments in the classroom, to discuss recent reading in pedagogical theory and educational news, to reflect on educational practices, and to generally talk with other teachers about the art of teaching. In the spirit of “inquiry” I try to raise questions and explore issues about teaching theory and praxis here. In the spirit of “scholarship” I share my research here in the hope that it will spark dialogue and critique. I blog because it keeps me critically engaged in the art and scholarship of teaching — and I always write with the hope that what I post here will help those who discover these pages, no matter what their interest or experience. — Michael Arnzen

About Michael Arnzen

I am a Professor of English at Seton Hill University, where I have taught a full range of English courses since 1999.  You can peer behind my many masks at the following websites:

+ Faculty Web Page at Seton Hill University

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+ Papers and more at Academia.edu

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