The blogosphere at my host college, Seton Hill University, is in the process of migrating from a Moveable Type system administered by our longstanding faculty member in New Media, Dennis Jerz, to a WordPress-based system serviced by the college’s IT department.  I appreciate all that Dr. Jerz has done and continues to do; his post on his struggles and successes with this process is here.

I think most everything has moved over smoothly, and I’ve been able to restore things like tags and categories.  But I’m certain a number of links and references will be broken in the archives.  Right now, the biggest issue I’m trying to sort out is how to restore line breaks between paragraphs, as those seem to be lost…

Patience, as I try to clean up the old posts and work out the kinks.  If you run into a problem, feel free to let me know.  And if you have an older link to Pedablogue, please do me the favor of changing it to the new domain:  http://blogs.setonhill.edu/MikeArnzen/

Happy New Year!

Mike Arnzen

p.s. If you’re looking for something that’s gone lost, the previous server still seems to be online for now, so you can try there.

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