Blogging and Tenure

For my presentations over the past few weeks, I’ve been researching the role of blogging in faculty development. One issue that comes up repeatedly is whether or not a blog should “count” as professional scholarship. Obviously, this weblog is self-consciously focused on the scholarship of teaching; other blogs are teaching tools or forums for teachers to gather. While they aren’t “peer reviewed” like traditional journals, blogs are reviewed by peers (who often post comments or blog about other scholar’s blogs) and the blogosphere has its niche communities that engage in specialized discourses.

I think of blogging as “scholarship-in-process” — that is, in motion, live, and in-progress, whether it leads to publication, presentation, or edification. I’ve accumulated a number of bookmarks on this subject and thought I’d share a shortlist of them for anyone reading this who is interested. There are probably LOTS more…surf (or comment) away!

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