Wanted: Books on Teaching Creative Writing

I’m trying to compile a bibliography of books on the art of teaching creative writing. There are a wealth of titles on how to write for publication, and a lesser-but-still-rich number of books on how to teach writing — but the latter are predominantly about teaching composition skills or scholarly argumentation. When I search for pedagogy for fiction teachers, I only find a paltry few — and so many of them seem targeted at elementary ed teachers, rather than higher education. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m looking for help in developing teaching skills for adjuncts and graduate students attached to our Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill U.

Even the Association for Writing Programs has little to offer, from what I can tell (though I did find a good pedagogy forum and a nice free .pdf on their site for Program Directors).
If you know any titles, or have any recommendations, please post a comment below or e-mail me.

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4 thoughts on “Wanted: Books on Teaching Creative Writing”

  1. There is a series called The Elements of Fiction Writing by Writer’s Digest Books out of Cincinnati, Ohio that is great.
    Characters & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card
    Revision by Kit Reed
    and others

  2. Good recommendations for writers, Suzi, and I appreciate your comment — but this is exactly what I mean: these are not “how to teach writing” books….they are books that teach writing.

  3. I hope this works for you—I used it to inspire my big project for the creative writing class I taught in the fall. I really like Tom Romano’s work, particularly Writing with Passion. Not very traditional, but VERY helpful

  4. You’re right–there doesn’t seem to be much on the pedagogy of creative writing. There’s not even a journal devoted to the subject! There are a few books of essays–*Power and Authority in the Creative Writing Classroom* comes to mind– but these anthologies are kinda hit & miss….

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