Review Materials Wanted

I have decided to begin reviewing software, web services, and other technical tools for educators on Pedablogue. Books that focus on teaching strategies/advice and/or educational theory will be considered, as well.

I write fair, and extensively analytical, reviews; I expect the average length of reviews to be between 1500 and 2000 words. My bias will lean towards teaching tools and similar products that are useful for college-level instruction, but any educational gadget, text, or gizmo will be considered.

I will also be biased toward products that are more useful in the Humanities and in English/Writing/Literature than other disciplines (simply because these are my fields!). Special interest will be paid to items related to:

+ classroom technology (from chalk to computers)
+ word processing
+ magazine editing
+ film and video screening
+ literary analysis and research
+ writers workshops and critiquing

For books, I am hoping to receive titles that are mostly pragmatic and multidisciplinary — aimed at teachers of any profession, usually at the college level. Books that provide specific teaching strategies for college professors (like McKeachie’s Teaching Tips or Bain’s What the Best College Teachers Do) or pedagogical books that look at general educational principles will most likely get reviewed
I will only post reviews of products that I find favorable. If I hate a product or don’t feel the product is in the best interest of other educators, I will simply not endorse it with any press whatsoever — however, I may contrast it against more favorable items under review. My choice to only run mostly positive reviews should not be interpreted to mean I will be a shill for any corporate entity. I will still evaluate products fairly, honestly, and accurately, carefully noting where I feel products have failings, if any.

If you are in the education business and have a product you’d like reviewed, get in touch with me at or send products to me directly at:

Michael A. Arnzen, Ph.D.
Division of Humanities
1 Seton Hill Lane
Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA 15601

Sending me review materials does not guarantee a review. No materials sent to me will ever be returned. Full, consumer-level products will be chosen for review over excerpts, samplers, limited demos, and crippleware. Only hard copy ARCs or actual printed books will be reviewed; no e-books or pdf galleys. For personal reasons, it is also highly unlikely that I will review books published by vanity presses or self-publishing outfits that rely on print-on-demand technology. DO NOT e-mail me any attachments (including .pdfs, graphics, or software) that are larger than 1mb without contacting me first.

Know that I am a one-man operation (and a full-time teacher); review writing is not the main intention of Pedablogue and if I receive more items than I can review, I will simply be very selective. My mission here is to assist other teachers, so if you do have a product or book that you genuinely think will help other college teachers, please do send it along, with any information you feel is needed beyond basic ordering information — especially any educator’s discounts or special/exclusive discount codes you would like to provide to the readers of Pedablogue. However, please do not shower me in press releases; let your product speak for itself.

I will e-mail a copy of my review to the review material provider. Providers are permitted to quote my reviews in whole (as a reprint) or in part (as a blurb), so long as authorship is attributed to Pedablogue (the courtesy of a link that points back to this website is appreciated).
I have already received some items for review and will be posting them shortly. Thanks!

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Michael Arnzen

Professor of English, Seton Hill University.