Whose Class is it Anyway? Presentation on Improv

The slides for my “Teaching and Learning” presentation today on Improv and Teaching are here on google docs:

Whose Class Is It Anyway?

For related topics (including a two-part review of Impro by Keith Johnstone, click the improv tag below.

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Michael Arnzen

Professor of English, Seton Hill University.

4 thoughts on “Whose Class is it Anyway? Presentation on Improv”

  1. Sorry Michael, but…
    OK, you wouldn’t have anything to post without the slides, but their text-based prescriptiveness runs counter to what you want to encourage.
    And my ineradicable pedant/proof reader insists it should be “Whose class…”

  2. So true. I would have just ‘winged it,’ even, but I wanted to win over the skeptics by appealing to them on their ground first.
    I rushed these before the session and have back edited typos — so THANKS!
    — Mike

  3. How interesting to read that offering approval is a way of restraining thought.
    I didn’t attend the session, but I’m sure that you engaged the audience with a back-and-forth during the discussion part of the presentation, so even having the contrast between the stability of the slide presentation and the interaction of the group helped make a point about the value of improv.

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