Foster (8-10)

In Foster (8-10) I noticed this passage:

So what can the writer use for parallels, analogies, plot structures, references, that most of his readers will know?

Kiddie lit.

Yep. Alice in Wonderland. Treasure Island. The Narnia novels. The Wind in the Willows and The Cat in the Hat. Goodnight Moon. We may not know Shylock, but we all know Sam I Am.

Understanding references to anything from my childhood is always a treat for me. When I see a reference in something I’m reading or watching to a novel that I read for days on end in middle school makes me feel more of a connection to the author and the literary work that I am reading. Since it is easier for me to read a literary work that I am personally interested in, seeing a reference like that and connecting to the author gives me an easier time reading the work.

Source: Foster (8-10)

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