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Program Description

As a student of Journalism-New Media (JNM), you aim to develop expert communication skills and master a wide variety of writing modes. The JNM program emphasizes using the Internet as a tool for critical research, writing, and thinking. Reaching a 21st-century audience involves integrating cutting edge media skills (including web design and e-mail etiquette) with the traditional journalistic activities (such as reporting the news and writing magazine articles). These important, highly transferable skills will help you succeed as you “learn the ropes,” preparing you for highly competitive positions – such as those held by entertainment, sports, or opinion writers – or for countless other professions where communication is a key component.

The Setonian: The Student Voice of the HIll (founded 1916; online since 2003)

Outside the Classroom

Because classroom experiences alone are rarely sufficient preparation for any career, JNM students take an active role in the production of The Setonian, the student-run newspaper. (To view this online, please visit the web site). Leadership positions with The Setonian typically include a paid stipend. The program also offers additional real-world experience through internships in areas such as journalism, public relations, and technical writing.

In the Classroom

The program also involves studying what makes new media effective and important. You will receive a free web log at, where you are encouraged to publish both academic and personal writing; your blog will give you practice developing a readership and learning from your participation in a community of peer authors. Other subjects of new media inquiry may include film, television, online communities, popular culture (graphic novels, video games, fan fiction), publishing (both in print and online), and mobile media culture (telephones, hand-held computers, personal music players, etc.).

New Media Journalism and You

If you are interested in writing in and about new media, you are probably curious about the world and your community; you are interested in examining the deeply held and often incompatible values of its diverse people. You appreciate the insight you gain from listening to a wide variety of options – especially opinions that differ from your own. While you enjoy using your skills to make a difference in your community, above all you are passionate about being fair – – so, in the pursuit of the truth, you avoid automatically making heroes of the side whose opinions you happen to share.

Traditional Writing and the Future of Words

The JNM program explores the power of language via courses in creative writing and literature. A journalism student may also draw profitability from courses in other fields where language is important, such as drama, communication, philosophy, and foreign language. Of particular value are course offerings in other media-related areas, such as graphic arts, photography, computer science, and communication. A journalism student will also profit from courses that relate to perennial news issues, such as politics and government, world religions, economics, statistics, history, criminology, social work, and science.

Recent Seton Hill Successes

Recent Seton Hill graduates have used their new media journalism training in jobs such as journalism (from nearby Latrobe to New York City), technical writing (in central Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.), and overseas in the Peace Corps. Other new media graduates have gone on to graduate school in  journalism, documentary film-making, creative writing, information technology, and law.

Pittsburgh Parent highlights “New college majors targeted at the future.”

Pittsburgh Parent Magazine’s December issue features Seton Hill’s New Media Journalism major in a cover story by Kelli Robinson.

20111212-234635.jpg[P]rograms like Seton Hill’s are relatively new (it began in 2004). Housed in the English department, the major mixes traditional creative writing and literature courses with classes like “Writing for the Internet” where students study HTML basics as well as how to write online content. Additionally, students learn the power of social media and how vast the internet truly is. “Almost every semester, a student who writes about a magazine article or a book will find the author of that text dropping by the student’s blog to say hello.”

New Media Journalism at Seton Hill: One of the Pittsburgh Region’s “12 Smart Majors” for 2011

In Fall, 2011 Pittsburgh Magazine named Seton Hill University’s New Media Journalism program one of “12 Smart Majors That Will Land You a Job After Graduation.”

It’s tough to beat nearby Seton Hill for campus beauty … or new media training…. For a j-school education unstained by ink, turn to Seton Hill University’s forward-thinking new media program. You’ll learn the traditional tenants of truth, accuracy and compelling leads, as well as 21-century must-haves like Web design, social media and blog writing.

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