CAUTION: There Is a Phony in This Class

This is just to warn you that there is a phony in the classroom who is not really a journalist. She has dark hair and glasses, stands at 5’5″, and wears a cool hat.

Oh wait, that’s me.

While I have been a member of the Setonian staff since my freshman year, I have not submitted a single news article.

This is because I am the paper’s cartoonist. My duties usually consist of goofing off for the entire month, struggling to come up with an idea for a comic on the day it is due, and then submitting it, the day before it goes to print, to the ever-patient editors who don’t deserve the added stress of irresponsible cartoonists. To write an actual article would require both talking to people and timely research, two activities which I fear greatly.

Of course, now I taking this journalism class to fulfill a requirement for my major, and these two activities are mandatory. Though I am not considering a career in journalism, I realize that strengthening my poor communication skills as well as my developing research skills is crucial for any type of writer, even an author of fiction. Besides these skills, I hope to learn how to recognize objective journalism from biased news stories, which will help me process current events in daily life. I also am interested in learning the proper format and writing style for writing articles, as that will come in handy if I ever write a press release or a scene in a story told through newspaper format. While I may be a phony journalist, I still intend to put effort into my work this semester and come out of this class with a better understanding of everything that goes into news writing.

2 thoughts on “CAUTION: There Is a Phony in This Class

  1. The Imposter Syndrome is real.

    Every mentor you’ve ever had has moments — sometimes years — of self-doubt centered around the feeling that they don’t really know what they’re doing, they’re just making stuff up as they stumble along.

    I feel that way, too, as I look at the people my age who have published 5 academic books or own vacation homes or have more hair or have more Twitter followers or have more faith.

  2. I really like your honesty in this post, Rebecca. I know it can be scary starting something totally different and new to what you’re used to, even if you’ve been around the environment for a while, coming fully into it can be scary. With that said, I think you’ll be great! And, not everyone is comfortable with all aspects of journalism either, all of us are still learning and growing, even the editors. I enjoyed how you included some art along with your post, it made for an inviting post. Keep learning, keep making mistakes, it’s all a learning process. You’re not the only one who feels weirdly. 🙂

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