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Welcome to the blog portfolio I don’t know if I’m supposed to do. Today at 5 a.m. I suddenly realized that in middle school my friend Bradyn told me a certain word meant “pussycat” in Spanish and because I loved cats and thought I was good at Spanish I said it all the time but then today at 5 a.m. I googled it and it actually means ******* cat and I was like DANGIT BRADYN.

Listen, I’ve been up all night writing a 10 page essay on angels in the Renaissance. I’ll be lucky if I remember what a journalism is before the end of this portfolio.


All of my posts went pretty in-depth this time, so I am pleased with this section. It wasn’t listed as a blog assignment, but I posted my Term Project Layout Reflection and go in depth about my thoughts during the layout process. I include some graphic design insights and also plans for what to do next. My post on Principles of American Journalism Ch6 goes in depth on the dangers of stereotyping (and worrying about stereotyping) in both journalism and creative writing. And my post on Chapter 8 talks about Edward Snowden and explores why he chose journalists over the broad internet to tell his secrets.

My post on Nellie Bly was risky in that I talked about personal experiences more than Nellie’s history. My post on Chapter 8 was risky in that it betrays the classified information that my brother and I hate essays. My post on chapter 7 was risky in that it raised several questions about free speech vs. panic that I did not know how to answer.

My post on chapter 7 is intertextual because it ties in to an article I saw online. My post on Principles of American Journalism Ch6 is intertextual by referencing a book I wrote. It is me. I am the intertext. And I made a post of the Indesign cheat sheet I made with Rachel even though it wasn’t an assignment. It combines two disciplines, journalism and graphic design, which is kind of like referencing two texts.

My post on Nellie Bly garnered discussion because people liked the steampunk Nellie Bly I drew. My Indesign cheat sheet was a source of discussion in class because I was able to help Rachel and then send it to everyone else in case they wanted to see it. Because we did not have as many posts this time, there was not as much online discussion, but we did have in-class discussion for our thoughts on the Term Project Layout Reflection.

This was a record for timeliness because 25% of my required posts were early this time. That is because there were only 4 required posts, and the one I submitted before the due date was Chapter 8. I also submitted the Nellie Bly post on time but not before the due date (right day, few hours late) because I needed to finish and take a photo of my drawing. And even though the other two posts weren’t on time, they weren’t terribly late either. What an improvement.

The remaining two posts were not asked for and therefore they are extra early.

For my Chapter 8, I wasn’t very inspired so I started with a personal anecdote and then it became something more academic-related. Same thing with chapter 7 and Principles of American Journalism Ch6. They were all examples of what I thought would be basic coverage but became decent posts.

In conclusion, what if purgatory is full of all the chaotic neutral souls because God is like, what the heck am I supposed to do with these.

Regarding this class, I believe I’ve learned important things about a career I do not desire at all. But now I’m happy to be familiar with AP style and formatting, because even if I will probably not write a serious journalism article ever again, I will likely have to do P.R. related work in the future, and will know what to do. This will also help me write one of the comic stories for my Honors Capstone, as it will take place almost entirely through TV news stories. My favorite part of this class was getting to know the other students better. In such a small class, the students and professor were able to have a nice, close bond. So maybe I would have been better off taking history of graphic design if I wanted to stick to what I know, but I suppose it was more important in the long run for me to take news writing.

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