Mission Complete

I notice the comments are overwhelmingly positive, which surprised me. I guess it is reassuring to see nice things on the post of a president who died. Personally, I have seen very mixed reactions to the death of H. W. Bush. My parents, along with half of my Facebook friends, are sorry for his passing because they respect him as a veteran and politician. The other half of my Facebook friends are resentful that H.W. dramatically cut AIDS funding during his presidency and are not upset by his passing. I guess when examining a man’s political career, it is smart to start off objectively looking at both sides, and then following the leads on both sides until it becomes clear if one side needs to lean more than the other. But when responding to a deceased man’s family, especially his dog, it makes sense to stay polite. The photograph in the tweet is well-captured to evoke so many emotional responses from so many folks.

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