Comic Insights Part 4: It’s a Learning Process

Because this is my first official attempt at writing a graphic novel, I am new to the process. Having a peer group where I can bounce ideas, ask for feedback, complain about setbacks, and receive moral support during the long and complicated writing journey. Here are just a few of the more…interesting┬átimes I reached out to my peer group:

1. That’s no moon

2. Cartooning terminology

3. Ask me about the first time

4. Drawing Princess Harmonica

5. Thanks for nothing, Mark

6. Poor Fox kept mutating

7. Don’t worry, I figured it out

Not all of the problems encountered while working on a book are entertaining, so at least some of them are. As cartoonist Stephan Pastis once described his own drawing process, “Ah, the dangers of never knowing what the hell you’re doing.”

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