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  1. The text restates something we learned in class: newspapers are still one of the most integral original sources for a story. The internet is becoming a secondary layer over legacy media as we know it today. Just because I don’t use traditional newspapers doesn’t mean they aren’t important, they just aren’t always as fast or effective as blogs and online paper companions for spot news. However, newspapers are the one with the most professional journalists despite their cutting back because of the internet. Companies unfortunately have to cut back on the amount of journalists they employ because of the internet, so the basic source of most news is–ironically–being bullied out by it’s own dependent.
  2. The journalistic process is being hampered by the lack of news being consumed by young people in America today. According to The Missouri Group’s ‘News Reporting and Writing’, “I’ll-informed members of the public can’t make good decisions in the voting booth, if indeed at all.” This call for action is aimed towards how journalism can effect people’s lives more directly. Citizen journalists help fill that gap. Democracy is about giving as many people in a republic a voice, and citizen journalists are those people exactly, now more than ever thanks to technology able to instantaneously report.┬áDuring uprisings in the Middle East, citizen journalists were the best to report. “Social media allowed citizens to provide eyewitness accounts,” the same textual source says. By informing the public with the public, more trust is had than with a larger organization with a well-known political affiliation, such as Republicans to Fox News.
  3. While newspapers may die off, the companies themselves won’t. They way they operate and present themselves is what’s changing, putting an huge task of trying to predict the future in terms of what to study as a student. How will journalism work by the time I graduate? If the world of news will be just as bright and shiny as the text implies, what will be my role in it? Will my education have one at all? A lot of web-based outlets are becoming more and more profitable and will grow into new beasts that I can only hope my education at least touched on. As a leader I am free to use this new press however I want with the limitless, untested possibilities out there. The digital world doesn’t have very many restrictions as to what sort of leader I could potentially be in the society of tomorrow, only how I be it.
  4. The closing of actual newspapers as a whole is worth talking about The text offers a few examples on page 25, “Many well-knows newspapers have closed, including the ‘Rocky Mountain News’ of Denver and the ‘Seattle Post-Intelligencer.'” The changing economic landscape of the modern newspaper is confusing, from crushing debt due to buy-outs by other companies to still turning a healthy profit with advertisements. Physical ads are still more profitable than physical ones, creating this split along with said destructive mergers.

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