Media Awareness Exercise

  1. ThisĀ video is both entertaining and true! TV news follows a certain formula, and the satire of this video is very forward in pointing out the lack of creativity. The clip shows how repetitive many TV spots are by simply mimicking them.
  2. How mindless many people accept what they see on TV, or don’t even pay attention to the patterns, is the obvious message of this video. We are being turned into the model consumers of both news are products, the blending of the two on TV making it hard to tell different once one is used to the patterns pointed out in the first video.
  3. This poem shows how the TV numbs us to the violence of the world and loves to cling to stereotypes. The ‘Dumpling Goldilocks’ is the typical woman in distress while other characters in the poem fit similarly appropriate situations according to their nickname and situation. The same graphics are used over and over until we are so accustomed to them that we can do nothing but believe what comes next. The closing line best summarizes the meaning itself as the poem is about being controlled by media found through the TV: “Stay on, TV, and teleprompt my soul!”
  4. In this podcast general format is covered. Pitch of voice intrigues a listener, and allows a listener to keep track of which subject is being spoken. So long as the pitch is the same, so is the topic. “Formal but conversational” style of speaking engages a listener into continuing the podcast, making it slightly more personal. Wrapping up a podcast is indicated by a drop in pitch and slowing of words to signal to the listener that things are mellowing, slowing down, and ultimately coming to an end.
  5. I personally enjoy when humor effectively uses the audience, as this blog post relates to. In the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, the writers successfully use the listener as the main character for two or three episodes without any confusion, and allow the story to flow naturally. This humor allows the audience member to laugh and oneself and understand what exactly they are thinking about, all limelight now thrust upon them without making anything too awkward by the self-induced irony. In this case, the audience would consist of me. And I love laughing at me–I’m hilarious.

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