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  1. The profitable side of emerging media is mainly splintered into two factions:¬†for- and not-for-profit. With the emerging media changing so fast-paced entire segments of the media are publishing. At the same time there are more ways then ever to make profit, from venture capital to individual entrepreneurs¬†and back. Some aren’t even financed by a single stable source, it’s writers and editors have completely separate jobs. The options make modern media both the easiest and most complex business to get into.
  2. To put my observations simply: the more tech-oriented, the better. Teachers will even have to upgrade to digitally-synced classrooms. But credibility for these people will be important, regardless. Combining the powers of the web with whatever projects these graduates take on would be the smartest choice. Jason Pugh is a Corporate Applications Instructor, a position that doesn’t necessarily require a background in English, but does nicely integrate the technological etiquette he learned with his more specific skill set.
  3. Today, in relative terms, I could join Eye Contact and The Setonian, becoming closer to being an editor. Yes, my dream would be to make my living off my own series of books; more reasonably and timely I want to be a literary editor, and the business of journalism as it is and as it is heading can allow me to be close enough to my goal for now through layout, copy editing, and writing. First thing’s first: join a thing. From there I can be on-staff for at least one, possibly both.
  4. By the time I graduate I would like to have published one novel or work of some sort of my own, not through the school. I need to polish my current work to a more acceptable level then work toward getting that published, hopefully with the assistance with a professor or two. I will take the courses at Seton Hill that are oriented toward the publishing world so I can better understand where it is headed, and become more fluent in publishing by having a major role in Eye Contact, at least.


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