TV News Exercise

0:00 Intro/Lead to Lower Hill Development

0:08 Field Reporter with Pictures

1:14 Politicians talk about construction

1:44 Field Reporter

2:03 Anchor – Online Registration coming up

2:14 Remembering Katrina coming up

2:25 Field Reporter talking about little girl

2:40 Anchor – Pirates back in town, weather

2:50 Lawyer commercial

3:13 Dentist commercial

3:24 Housing commercial

3:40 Weather App commercial

4:09 Steve Harvey commercial

4:40 School Visits commercial

5:10 Talk show commercial

5:40 Welcome Back intro

5:53 Anchor – voters can now vote online

6:11 Mayor says how people can now vote online

6:22 How to register online

6:31 Anchors – Remembering Katrina

6:48 Convo with expert on how to plan before disaster strikes

7:00 President visits residents who have rebuilt lives

7:10 Everyone else talks about preparation

8:10 Red Cross gives advice

8:20 Anchors chat about warmer weather

8:48 Pics of clouds/weather

8:50 Weather report

9:55 International weather

10: 25 Back to local(ish) weather

11:40 Consumer Alert coming up Are you Naked w/o Phone?

11:45 Sports Scandal coming up

11:55 Lawyer commercial

12:10 NASCAR Raceway commercial

12:40 Paint Monkey commercial

12:55 Contractor commercial

13:10 Restaurant commercial

13:25 Plumbing wares commercial

13:40 Talk show commercial

14:10 Dr. Oz commercial

14:40 ‘Mobile Addicts’ research segment

15:15 Anchor – StarKist scandal

15:50 Baby name facts

16:20 Little girl finds hero coming up

16:40 “Christmas in August for Divorce Lawyers” coming up

16:50 Dental commercial

17:04 Charity commercial

17:35 Paint Monkey commercial

17:50 Harvey commercial

18:20 Weather App commercial

18:50 Dr. Oz commercial

19:20 Breaking News kid may be shot

19:40 Field Reporter

20:40 Kid hurt in police chase finds one of two ppl who saved life thanks to help of news station

21:05 Field Reporter

22:20 Interview the Hero found

22:35 Field report, woman who helped still unknown

23:00 Anchor – Robbery/murder of old man no death penalty

23:25 Anchor – Kindergarteners forced to change schools overnight

24:14 Anchor – Penn State hazing scandal

24:40 Anchor – Estate Theft

25:04 Anchor – August Wilson Center Comeback

25:50 New Tonight – Cruises

26:20 Pope visit > Nuns make tons of communion hosts

27:05 Next Time: keyless ignition=deadly, sports scandal

27:25 Weather update

27:45 Honda commercial

28:15 Dental commercial

28:30 Paint Monkey commercial

28:45 Talk show commercial

29:15 Morning News commercial

29:45 Weather App commercial

Approximately 11 minutes have been spent on the news, not counting weather, in this 30-minute newscast. Majority of the news did matter to local people, especially the breaking news that occurred of the boy being shot. Weather and sports aren’t very ‘investigative’ in nature or strange, unique, ect. in order to fill enough requirements to really be counted as ‘news.’ Yes, the weather is important–it also happens every day. Sports aren’t as important due to the objective quality of them in general. I am not a sports fan, but the person next to me might. This huge difference in importance of news even though both this person and I are currently under the same conditions is what disqualifies it as ‘news.’




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