NR&W 5 pt 1

As a Creative Writer I’ve understood the importance of dialogue in a story because it reveals how the characters are interacting with the plot; in journalism, the same ideas are present with a different format. Quotes drive the story in journalism, moving the story forward and providing important details. Similar to creative writing quotes and dialogue can tell the story. However, facts need to be researched by the reporter, not just being taken word for from the person being quoted, even if the quote is from someone important–especially if the quote is from someone important!

Being accurate is just as important and makes the interview more fair. I totally agree with everything about this statement and reading behind it, which is why I recorded every interview I’ve done for this class so far and plan to continue doing so. Recording interviews gives a level of fairness because quotes and context can be directly checked by the reporter and editor. This is why I think quoting from social media can be dangerous, context sometimes lost in the melting pot that is the internet.


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