SHU Convocation 2015

“A tall order indeed, but one each of you students here are called to for your education here at Seton Hill,” Seton Hill University (SHU) president Mary C. Finger, Ed.D, welcomed students and family alike to the convocation ceremony.

Every year at SHU, its best and brightest are honored with awards and scholarships, this year no different.

Over 100 students took the stage smiling at this year’s Convocation ceremony, taking up most of the seats Cecilian Hall as the ceremony was kicked off with the sound of bagpipes, a musical tradition SHU holds up every official academically-related event.

Once all the students marched in and took their seats, the bag pipes stopped ringing in the open afternoon air and the room settled. President Finger was introduced by Acting Provost Susan Yochum, S.C., PhD, and began her opening address.

Finger reminded the students being honored that their hard work is being recognized by an institution with a deep history in education. SHU was founded by the Sisters of Charity, pioneering women who believed in the power of education and progress as the students at the ceremony did.

“Education is not something you simply learn in the classroom, but rather a tool to make change,” Finger said, harkening back to one of SHU’s most repeated mottos: hazard, yet forward.

Finger finished her speech by encouraging students to make a positive change in the communities around them, followed by a warm round of applause.

Opening speech over, Alma Mater sung, and prayer given, the honoring of 2014-2015 academic achievement of the present students could begin.

One such student was junior Theater major Elena Falgione, honored for her exceptional academia and character. As a professor was sure to mention, there is one quirky qualification to win this particular award: “One who is a spunky lover of life.” This caused grins to break out across the audience and Falgione herself to giggle as she walked up onto the stage to accept the award.

As the scholarship certificate was given to her, Falgione lived up to the title and tripped slightly on stage, but was the first one to burst out laughing about it. She flipped her hair, waved, and laughed all the while leaving the stage.

The Natural Sciences also took their turn stealing the show, the all-female line up looking particularly fashionable as they accepted their awards.


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