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The beginning of this interview about Seton Hill University’s liturgy surrounding Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One struck me a bit, seeing the journalist play the role of the dummy to try and get the interviewee to confirm something for the article and/or reveal more information.

“It’s about technology, all of us use that.” This quote is powerful in it’s brutal simplicity, and has the explanation as to why the book was chosen.

“They could create a three-headed dragon with a fake name.” I particularly am attracted to this as an opener leading to why the book is important. I can summarize what the book is about and why it’s being read on a superficial level, but this leads the article into deeper reasoning  behind Ready Player One being this year’s liturgy title. Technology isn’t just a tool for communication, it can be a tool to build a whole new life.

Prompting the actual process of picking Ready Player One is useful to the journalist, although not the article. Here’s why: I know how I got around to writing what I am writing about. This context can help the motivation for writing a story.

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