Writing News for the Web

Despite even my own romantic tendencies, Web Media is where I go most for my news. I can’t help it. Quite literally, I was raised along side the likes of Google.

Stories are getting shorter, news is become more varied, and events are reported more quickly. With Twitter creating a new form of headlines, along with easy access. This access isn’t just for Twitter; other forms of digital media are creating more and more citizen reporters every day, even if just in the comment section.

With this new-found two-way communication comes a craving for more customization. No two readers are exactly alike and now the platform is international, so organizing news in an easily navigated format is essential. Hyperlinks, shortness, and previous stories are some ways to achieve this.

Digital News also has an audience with a very short attention span, the Internet a place of bouncing from one thing to another. Having pictures, videos, lists, bullet points and small word counts keep readers engaged for the time they will spend on a page.

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2 thoughts on “Writing News for the Web”

  1. I agree with your point about “a craving for more customization”. I think some news websites focus a lot on the style of their site rather than the content. But who can blame them? Most of the news today is coming from online, so sometimes the most attractive site gets the most visitors.

  2. Julia – We could really involve BuzzFeed when it comes to this. They’re the queens of reeling in empty clicks, no? I have gone through more than one ‘You Will Never Believe Number 16!’ only to be ruefully disappointed by number 16, if I end up getting there at all.

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