Reporting is about more than just asking questions, it’s about retelling an experience. This is a challenge for me, since I am wary of putting myself too much into the story.

Being accurate in these descriptions is just as important. “Words should mean exactly what you intend them to mean.” (198) This goes against using ‘said’ as a default, and should be practiced in small bits until I get the hang of it.

Order of elements is a mix of the inverted pyramid structure and telling a coherent story, something I find challenging to do in a journalistic tone due to my creative writing instincts. But coherence is devastatingly important and can lead to disasters if something is entirely misread by the public.

I value conciseness and simplicity, so this instruction won’t be hard to follow. I find them elegant in writing and shows a true mastering of the English language.

Source: NR

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