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This portfolio isn’t just for the benefit of the reader who wishes to see only the best of the best on this blog, or just a grade under an assignment–rather, this is a reflective learning experience in understanding things I’ve done in the past, and how I have improved or could improve. The first portfolio can be found here for comparison and more organized highlights from earlier in the year.

Depth – I think my being from Colorado while living in Pennsylvania gave me a leg up on this assignment, the layout readings. I come from such a different part of the country, so comparing my newspaper to New England’s was really easy to engage in. I was surprised at how similar the covers were on the day I compared. I actually have an interest in graphic design, so seeing the inner workings of how everything on a cover page works. I’ve only worked through a magazine-type cover in high school, so this type is really useful to add to my skill set.

Riskiness – Seeing as I don’t have a flow chart readily at my disposal, I tried using the ‘>’ symbol to get my point across in this media assignment. This was a clever juxtaposition I hope fits well with the theme, using a ‘bread crumb’ format. I wanted to incorporate what I learned in previous readings about digital media to talk about it further.

Intertextuality –  Learning about scooping may not have been a very in-depth analysis, but I did in fact use my own experiences that happen to be connected to this class. My Newseum trip ended up being more fruitful than anticipated, incorporating the first full-throttle breaking news paper run that is recognizable in what is seen today. They ran 7 issues the day Lincoln was shot, just as we would keep on publishing breaking news throughout the day. Honestly I’m having more fun doing these assignments than I previously thought I would, seeing as I wouldn’t even consider the DC trip otherwise.

Using Google as a tracker for the growth of the internet really solidified my point for this internet-journalism article.  I used a good time-marker of one of the most well-known and widely-used search engines to illustrate how the internet is still developing its exact style and is constantly changing, just like Google is.

Discussion – I honestly needed to learn about the inverted pyramid, as reflected here. I ended up commenting on other people’s things because of this, and read many other people’s blog entries to try my best to wrap my head around the concept. I needed a lot of help, I learned that from past articles, and still do in a sense. This blog entry really helped me understand the structure of journalism.

Timeliness – My summer discussion article was prompt, as was my live-tweeting I have on my twitter feed. That’s what really shows how dedicated I am to learning about journalism.

Coverage – I’ve never live-tweeted before. I can report literally on the spot, as it turns out. To be honest it’s kind of addicting, and I can understand why people do it. This assignment is where I first did so.

In general, I greatly improved upon everything in this news writing class, or at least I feel so.I have taken all my opportunities in this class to go on trips and use social media, so I am feeling well-versed. I know I have a long way to go, with better timeliness and taking more risks. The risks I want more of so I can learn from my mistakes–see what works, what doesn’t. This class is based on a learn-from-my-mistakes stand point, so I’m going to try to bring that into my blog work more as well. 


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