Umpqua Shooting: How Journalism Handled It

In all honesty, I’ve been so tied up in my own work and study that I didn’t even know this happened. After a quick look-up I got a gist of the unfortunate events. I went down twitter to try and find the closest thing to live-tweeting I could to see when exactly the public realized this happened versus what the online news outlets say.

The facts are ten, and it’s unknown if all of them identified their religion as Christianity. On this article by Huffington Post I couldn’t find out what religion they were, but some twitter leads suggest Christians were targeted. I don’t know why they would mention religion and then not explain why.

The shooter was identified as a 20 year old student, nothing more. This is probably for the best, seeing as the state has yet to feel comfortable enough to release more information and, in this case, the journalist needs to respect that.

In the wee hours of the morning today CNN posted an update: ten dead, gunman down. Literally twenty minutes after midnight is astounding, and very prompt and useful if the information proves to be correct as the day continues and the story is developed.

2 thoughts on “Umpqua Shooting: How Journalism Handled It”

  1. I also heard that they were possibly Christians from a CNN report. I didn’t look at the live tweeting (which would have been a good place to look) but the CNN report used both instagram and twitter to flesh out their article.

  2. It is kind of frustrating that the coverage you read, and the coverage I found from NBC, mentioned religious but couldn’t explain how it was relevant. I bet that’s the kind of information we’ll see in updates in a few days.

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