Finding the News within the News

“Only by studying news and how news organizations handle news will you be successful in public relations or in offices of public information.” (132)

I really liked how this chapter immediately explains the use of journalism outside of just reporting breaking news or news one needs to go out and find. It sets up the many facets of the journalism world, including reporters being approached by a story and who exactly is doing the reporting. There is more than one, strict career path available.


“News releases are both a help and a hinderance.” (132)

After reading the chapter I felt this was important to include, because people will try to be as self-serving to the media as possible to get an image or cause out, but not always. It can be hard to tell the difference at times.



Announcement Releases: up-coming events, PSAs, “appointments, promotions, new hires and retirements.” (133), employee good-will, free publicity

Cause-Promoting Releases: need funds/volunteers so try to get free media > save money for the cause at hand

Image-Building: politicians, free publicity as much as can, usually very self-serving, organizations and agencies, persuasion


Use ALL the information given! When a reporter recieves something, she shouldn’t just look at the release. Look at who sent it, when they sent it, and any other information. Understand, as much as possible, what grounds the release has to find its way to your hands.


“A release date is broken by all when it is broken by one.” (137)

This is talking about ‘leaks,’ because once something is out it’s out. Like a pre-mature, and usually very rood, scoop. Understandably news outlets will usually uphold release dates, but once something is out it’s out. What’s the point in holding back information that is already beginning to spread? Might as well try and tell people the most accurate information possible.



Announcements: to AP standards, question any specifics needed, additions reporting, drop self-serving quotes

Cause-Promoting Releases: get background, clarifying anything, get some human interest, be more critical instead of self-serving

Image-Builders: who will be served? drop useless quotes, get from direct source, find other independent sources, get essential point, GET LOCAL REACTIONS

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