Seton Hill University’s Halloween Ca-BOO-ret

Seton Hill’s Student Theater Arts Council (STAC) is holding its annual Halloween-themed Ca-boo-ret. The event is this Sunday at Seton Hill University’s Performing Arts Center at 7 pm.

What goes on to put together this talent display is in the hands of STAC and the people it decides to let host. This year’s hosts are STAC president Kaylee Hansberry and STAC secretary Sarah Celli.

Previous years have included everything from corny conversations to the hosts recreating Saturday Night Live skits. This year look forward to Hansberry and Celli switching things up by truly embracing the Halloween spirit.

“We want to go as duos, we want to work with costumes,” said Hansberry.

Costume contest for the participants will take place, the panel of judges including Associate Professor of Theatre Denise Pullen and Theater Assistant Professor of Dance Stephen Zubal. With each piece a costume is encouraged to match by the performer, although audience costumes are just as welcome.

“It can be performance majors, or it can be just regular students,” Celli said about who to expect at the show. STAC encourages all students to sign up for future cabarets as the opportunities arise.

With only one rehearsal before curtain, strict deadlines are the first defense against previous years’ fiascos of last-minute drop outs and sheet music mishaps. This year will hopefully be smoothest yet for Evan Bellas, a student at SHU who has previously played the piano for the cabarets.


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